About Me

13921157_1205993059457600_4597438878123530619_nI come from a family of DIY-ers.

Having grown up on a farm, my dad can make or fix just about anything. We never hired people to do projects for us – we did everything ourselves. Whether it involved carpentry, welding, or electrical work, with my dad’s expertise and vast resource of tools and machinery, we were able to get the job done. As a result, I was able to learn many skills from my dad, so I’m rather handy (if I do say so myself!)

My mom has always loved redecorating, and it seemed like at least one room in our house was always “in progress”. ¬†Rearranging furniture in the living room, painting a new wall color, or putting up wallpaper (it was the 80s after all) ¬†– the whole family got involved in whatever project we had going on.

One of my most memorable design projects was also my first: my teenage bedroom. I was fifteen, and I had free reign (within a modest budget, that is). I started, as I often do, with an object that served as the inspiration: a beautiful drawing of a mountain lion. From that one piece, I created a look and feel in my room that spoke to me and reflected my passion for wildlife conservation. This project taught me that, in addition to having an inspired design, it’s important that a space feels right.

The experiences I have growing up instilled in me a passion for redesigning and repurposing (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) Over the years, this became my favorite hobby and creative outlet as I honed my skills and learned a variety of new ones. In 2014, I decided to start a business: KERIOSITY, Reimagined Home Decor. What started as a furniture redesign business has blossomed into much more, and I’m thrilled to now offer home redesign services. I love helping people create spaces that speak to them and reflect their passion.