My Design Philosophy

Our Homes Are Our Sanctuaries

I believe that the concept of “Sanctuary” is understood by all of us in our own way. It’s our safe, comfortable, peaceful space. It’s a part of us. It’s what our souls call Home. My goal is to work with my clients to create physical spaces that embody what Sanctuary means to them and to do so in a fun, relaxed, and cost-effective way.

I believe that, in order to do that, three things must align: Function, Look, and Feel. Function and Look are often the main focus in design. But to me, the Feel of a room is a crucial aspect of this design triad, and it’s specific and personal to the people who live there. Any space in a home that doesn’t feel right creates negative energy, regardless of how nice it looks or how well it functions. That negative energy conflicts with the concept of Sanctuary.

I believe that the function of each room is greatly impacted by the feeling it conveys. The function of a bedroom is rest, so it should feel peaceful. The function of a kitchen is to create meals; it should feel comfortable and nourishing. A family room should promote togetherness. An office should inspire creativity while encouraging focus. Sometimes a room has to serve more than one function: we can find ways to create a multi-functional space while maintaining balance between Function, Look, and Feel.

If any room in your home lacks balance, you may want to consider a change. You deserve your home to be your Sanctuary – and together, we can make it so!