What I do

Whether you need advice on picking out paint colors, assistance with rearranging a room, help with a DIY project, or doing a full home makeover – I can help!

During our initial consultation, I want to get to know you and understand what you want and need for your home. We will discuss:

  • How you need this space to function
  • How the space makes you feel
  • How you want to feel in the space
  • What’s working in this space vs What’s not working
  • Your style and examples of spaces that feel right to you

Once we begin our design project, we will incorporate your ideas and personal style into a design plan that balances the Function, Look, and Feel of your space. The result should feel livable and reflect your individuality.

You may favor a particular style (Mid-Century Modern, Industrial, Farmhouse) or you may like more than one style. I love the challenge of combining styles and using furnishings that are already in the home to create perfectly imperfect spaces.

If we need to supplement what you already have in your home, I can assist you with choosing new items, buying vintage and second-hand, sprucing up your latest curb-find, or I may even have the right piece in my own inventory.

Imagine doing the design project you’ve always wanted to do with help from a friend who has an eye for design (and who just so happens to be very handy with tools.) At the completion of our project, you will have a space that functions the way you need it to, looks perfectly YOU, and authentically feels like HOME.