Free Initial Consultation

Color Palette Plan

  • For clients who want help selecting a color palette including specific paint brands/colors
  • $50 single room; $75 for 2-3 adjacent rooms/spaces

Redesign Advice and Plan

  • For clients who want to do the work themselves but would like advice and a design plan
  • $200-300 per room

Complete Room Redesign

  • $500 per day (up to 5 hours) plus cost of materials
  • If you’d like to help do the work: $300 per day (up to 5 hours) plus cost of materials
  • If we need additional assistance (ex: moving furniture): $15/hour per assistant.


  • Online shopping assistance @ $40/hour
  • On-site shopping @ $50/hour
    • includes travel between locations

DIY Assistance

  • For clients who would like help with their DIY project
  • $50-75/hour plus cost of materials

Furniture Redesign and other projects

  • Estimates upon request

*There is a travel surcharge for project sites and shopping locations that are more than 30mi away from Woodstock, NY