So, here’s what’s been going on with me lately…

There have been many changes in the last few years – moving to the Hudson Valley, opening a business, starting a chorus, making new friends, adopting some rescue dogs and a deaf cat, buying a house, getting married…it’s been crazy! But it’s all been wonderful and positive. And exhausting. But positive.

Jaywalking in Key West. 2017 Keri Jadrovski

One of the major changes was that, in 2017, I decided to take a different direction in my professional life. This meant starting from scratch and going back to school for a whole new degree. And lemme tell you something: going to college as a 40-something-year-old has been really weird, but it’s also SO much better than when I went to college as a 19-year-old. To anyone who thinks they’re too old to go to college, I say, “No. You’re not. Go. Pursue your dreams.” (Read that quote with a Long Island accent for maximum effect.)

Anyway, in May 2020, I graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a B.A. in Communication (yay!)

My ideal job would be one in which I can help brainstorm and implement creative ideas for enhancing or reimagining brands, vision, and messaging. I believe in community outreach and honest, relatable story-telling; they’re also my favorite marketing tools.

With my work and life experience (and a shiny new bachelor’s degree), I would like to use my skills and knowledge to provide public relations support to a great organization that does wonderful things for communities and people.