Testimonials About My Work

I don’t like to toot my own horn, so I’ll let these people do it…

As a nontraditional student intern, Keri brought a well-rounded skill set and professional presence to the workplace. An initiator with an intuitive sense for a communications department’s needs and priorities, she assisted with storytelling, website posting, social media content, and event planning. She embraced follow-through and thoroughness, even pointing out ancillary recommendations that brought depth and value to the work at hand. She was also an effective writer with a mature ability to distill complex concepts into understandable, everyday language. As a team player, Keri tackled whatever was assigned to her (and there was a lot). I looked forward to her time sharing my office and her willingness to learn and wear many hats while interning at RUPCO. Given the chance to hire her, I would have, if I could. She will be an asset to any company looking for a multi-talented, organized team player with writing talent who can also double as an organization’s communications frontwoman. Don’t pass this one up!

Tara Collins – (Former) Director of Communications, RUPCO

As a Professor of Communication for nearly forty years I have rarely encountered a student who possesses that unique combination of skill, curiosity and imagination that can be found in Keri. In the Communication and Media Arts program where I am the coordinator (at SUNY Ulster) I have had the opportunity to observe Keri in a number of classes where she has produced excellent examples of expository and critical writing, scripts and journalism. She has also demonstrated a thorough knowledge of contemporary communication technologies and the strategies to create engaging and effective content. Furthermore she has provided ample proofs of both critical thinking skills and a strong work ethic. I would have no hesitation in offering her a recommendation or a job as I know that she has all the tools and knowledge to be successful. I have even joked with her that someday I might be asking her for a job. She is that good.

Robert Pucci, Coordinator Communications and Media Arts Progam – SUNY Ulster

I was very lucky to have Keri in my classes at SUNY Ulster. She was an incredibly hard working, persistent student. Keri contributed much to our class discussions and to her projects in class. She developed a thorough and creative marketing and advertising plan for her music organization in Kingston in our Advertising class. She was kind and interested in her classmates and eager to offer support and help. Keri will be an asset to any organization and will contribute to its success.

Mindy Kole, PhD, Associate Dean of Adult Learning: Academic Affairs, SUNY Ulster